A dead America, scene from movie "Planet of the Apes." In the fall of 2013 with radical capitalism run amok and Libertarian radicals holding the economy in hostage over a health bill, such scenarios of destruction once again were making the rounds.

A dead America, scene from “Planet of the Apes.” In late 2016 with President-Elect Donald Trump ascending to the U.S. presidency, democratic progressives fear an oncoming era of new fascism in the world, indeed, could make the above scene a reality within a few short years. A new fear asks, Are we losing our humanity? Religion as a political weapon is beating progressives at the ballot box, giving the Far Right the moral high ground. This site discusses and features odds and ends on what is happening, in hopes our spirit and image both don’t some day resemble the above.                                                                                          







By Dan Bodine


Social minimalism” (SM)is a behavior descriptive term used by Canadian Sociologist Rhoda E. Hassmann in her 1995 book, Human Rights and the Search for Community (Westview Press).

She calls SM a “behavior manifestation of radical capitalism in North America,” whereby certain citizens of wealthy, comfortable incomes deny both constitutional and moral economic obligations to help the poor and the less fortunate in society. It’s come upon us in the wake of the Sunbelt’s rapid, aggressive corporate expansion trend, I feel — where powerful corporate lobbying now more or less has replaced Democracy with oligarchy.

In radical capitalism, human rights are lowered; property rights — as in owners of means of producing wealth — are elevated. Manipulating markets for profit (Wall Street’s current financing chic, i.e.) has become another King Cotton. Are we regressing?

I’ve made related topics the focus of this site because I fear unchecked, scorched-earth policies of social minimalists will destroy a century of humanity’s safety net — e.g., the legislative way we relate our concern and compassion to each other.

Hassmann’s insights appear to’ve been right on target. This growing zealousness of social minimalists to not just excel over their enemies but also minimalize them as losers in Life masks the fuel fascist movements must consume to remain legitimate to a core, right-wing America.

Well-known writer and foreign correspondent Chris Hedges described what’s happening as no less than “Christian Fascism” in as far back as early October, 2013, i.e., as the government shutdown in Washington appeared stalemated:

“There is a desire felt by tens of millions of Americans, lumped into a diffuse and fractious movement known as the Christian right, to destroy the intellectual and scientific rigor of the Enlightenment, radically diminish the role of government to create a theocratic state based on “biblical law,” and force a recalcitrant world to bend to the will of an imperial and “Christian” America. Its public face is on display in the House of Representatives.”

Many corporate CEOs drawing obscene salaries for axing several thousand employees, i.e., or drug lords who order obscene killings and mutilations to guarantee or protect their profits, both can be linked to this same, frothy-mouth radical capitalism disease.

Dr. Hassmann’s analogy helps to understand our turbulent politics. She also is an expert in international human rights. You can read her assessment of our new president as a ruling “sultan” on this link here, for instance.

Using the two terms she coined for this dastardly movement in a website became the better idea to “wringing hands.” America as a fascist state undoubtedly would be doomed to the same fate as those countries defeated in two earlier world wars.

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  1. Dan Bodine says:

    Would that be nail fungus?

  2. Peggy Day says:

    Yes, greed is the name of the game. I’ve been busy handing out the definitions of oligarchy and plutocracy. Who believes in democacy?The 1% insists they got theirs fair and square and what kind of whining, sissy, layabouts claim they are unable to find a job that pays a living wage . . or, indeed any job at all! I recently ran across the movies “Air America” and just this week, “Recount.” I am still mad about being called unpatriotic and invited to leave the US because I deplored the Iraqi invation and didn’t like Bush. I am tired of all the made-up lies about Obama, even though I see his flaws. I don’t want a billionaire who outsources jobs and wants the poor to pay more taxes so the rich can pay less to be our next president, either. Have we ever been such a nation of robber-barons before? I thought we had given that up for decency!Cordially, Peggy Day

    • admin says:

      Thanks Peggy!
      Indeed, sad state we’ve found ourselves in. Radical capitalism and its social minimalism offshoot has been a pet peeve I’ve carried for some time now. Happy to have others mull it over, too. And this coming election will be more than historic, by many yardsticks!

  3. […] the Texas Ranger would join in coming to look for her. Maybe social minimalism (more on the disease here) runs rampant in big city waters, but here in the scrubby, dry desert of the Chihuahuan Desert […]

  4. Joe Tosti says:


    You have taken on a mighty task and I hope you are immensely successful. We are in total agreement politically. How can we be so right and still have to convince people who are in the same socio-economic sphere as we are that they must join us in chasing the money changers from the temple?

    My initial intent in blogging was identical to yours and I hope to return to it. Perhaps we can collaborate some day.

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