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Jan 27, 2017 No Comments ›› Dan Bodine

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By Dan Bodine


Asking us to get over Nov. 8’s election that has crowned radical-capitalist Donald Trump and his Trump-towers wealth as symbolic king/president of our country is asking us to do more than just shrug off what Catholics describe as a venial sin. It’s asking us to bow to Republican’s far-right politics of hate and exclusion!

This is anathema to our core religious belief systems! Indeed, it’s asking us to compound sin light with what looks and smells to be sin mortal! In whatever way one carries their Cross of Humanity!

Uh, uh! we say instead. YOU get over it! We’re clinging to compassion and tolerance for each other! It’s the only way to be our natural selves!

Agreeing to Trump’s exclusion tactics threatens not only to condone debaucherous lobbying in our temples of government but appears also to all but turn over our freedom of religion also.

If you haven’t made it with us, or have no intention to, you’re out!

This has right-wing, white Christian Nationalism – aka, getting the world ready for the Second Coming — written all over it! And it stinks to high heaven!

“We know Thee Way! Step aside and let us through!” is the renewed demand of this election outcome now.

What? we say. Seal these people in power with a God-vote? Are you kidding? Agree to elevate both racial demagoguery and white nationalism? Pretend not to see harm to come from it?

Let me remind readers this site was put up as a center against the foul practices of social minimalism years ago. When I retired as a small-court state judge in ’09, I’d made that promise.

Haven’t been very active with the site, admittedly. Apologize to readers for it. Learning ePublishing has been difficult for me, for one. But I’m hanging on!

Even let it be another lesson instead to the young, if that’s more acceptable to you – e.g. Don’t wait ‘til you’re too old to embrace your passion in Life! Do it while you still have the energy! Old Age and health problems will sap you!

So, at the risk of sounding like some distant, calling-all-arms trumpeter, I simply want to thank those readers who’ve hung with me in this; encourage other writers with similar messages wishing to post to please contact me; and remind all again just what we’re fighting:

When someone minimalizes you, a neighbor or a friend, it’s the same as saying, Hit the road, Jack/Jill! I’m so far above you I ain’t even seeing ‘ya down there!

And this is expected to be the bonding glue for a greater society? “Great” at what?

I’m reminded of an incident with a publisher once when I self-published a short, woefully inadequate attack on social minimalism in a paperback book in ’08.

First problem with the book was the title, “Minimalism.” I dumbly figured everyone would look at the drop-title on it and realize it was about social relationships. Wasn’t attacking anyone’s cultural taste preference.

Wrong! Obviously a strong supporter of “minimalism” the art movement, this guy was, he was quick to dismiss “social minimalism” — simply admitting finally, “I suppose you can have other kinds of minimalism, too.”

His business focus embedded, promotionally, in the linear world of advertising, he was blocked at the time from recognizing potential damages of social minimalism as a mental health disease!

One that breeds fascist tyrants, i.e.! Shoves civilizations backward!

Yes, there are infinite numbers of minimalist possibilities, we can add.

But, there’s something greater amiss! An opposition, in large part, I think, to a fear.

There’s been a coalescing against exclusion for decades (confronted with the industrial revolution’s rush to modernize by streamlining, i.e.) — either a yearning, or folks simply stubbornly holding onto certain, distinguishing, personality traits.

Which signals even though they’re part of life’s maddening herd (being driven, seemingly, mindlessly into autonomy), they feel, too, that genuine difference is to be respected as “human potential” for building God’s peace and prosperity!

It screams out: “Here’s my uniqueness, my way I can make a worthy contribution to you! Allow me in (to your society) as I am! As an individual, I’m human. I make mistakes, yes! But I care about others, too! Caring’s what makes people human! We ALL make mistakes in Life!”

The politics of exclusion – e.g., the inhumanity of it and cause, too, for being treated much like a society health virus of the mind – is that it enables a singular focus on proving worth as monetary.

At the expense of not seeing the worsening human conditions of those around you (that’ve been spawned in its wake). Who, believe it or not, are on the same damn spaceship Earth you are!

Indeed, here’s the instinctive social thought you’re fighting: “Bub, if’n you’re planning on going to Heaven, you ain’t ever goin’ there with this crowd! Look at ‘em! You gotta find yourself a better pasture to graze!”

So, you turn your back on your humanity for the sake of fitting in with a crowd more deserving of you! And in such shitty manner, the potential for damages grows excremental-ly!

This resistance to what I call “Big Bro and Deep Pockets,” if you haven’t noticed yet, has mounted worldwide.

Decades of progressive reform, for instance — much of it pulled begrudgingly from hands of social minimalist power brokers in different governments (to strengthen common humanity’s bonds) — now appear to be threatened.

Stand up and Fight Back, if at all possible, is the message going out to either block it or reshape it! And thank God, it’s turning into a flood!

Here is a warning the American Civil Liberties Union has sent out, i.e., encouraging a “…(G)roundswell of support…to keep fighting for people’s rights in courts, legislatures, and communities throughout the country.”

“Trump has spoken of creating a deportation force, banning Muslim immigrants, restricting reproductive rights, curtailing free speech, and much more. We must ensure that whenever and wherever Trump acts to violate people’s rights, he faces a strong, principled, and unyielding opposition.”

Amen! A simple right to exist without stoking egregious demands of radical capitalism is a human right, after all! Shout it out!

Fighting Social Minimalism has been the purpose of this site for five years.

It’s not changing.


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