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Trump Wall II

Southern U.S. border in AZ/Trump calls this shoddy: ‘It’s done poorly by the way, what they have done is very poor, very poor work, a very poor job, and very — not much of a wall,’ he said. And… “We’ll call the new one ‘The Great Wall of Trump!'” (from


By Dan Bodine


No, I haven’t lost my marbles! Not yet. I can’t stand this radical capitalist guy’s rhetoric any more than you can. But remember Donald Trump expects to spend at least  $1 billion of his own money before this 2016 Election is over. Count it: $1,000.000,000.00.

Why? To be president?!

Get off it! Then he’d have to work!

But forget that. Would the American people ever hire him in the first place?!

‘Ya kidding!? With his tarnished reputation now, Doc wouldn’t even have hired him as an assistant animal control officer down in Presidio! What’s he doing with all this bluster?!!

Maybe, at his age and his wealth now, he’s simply found a new way of having fun!? And making money, too! Called Me!

ME!” it is. “The Donald Trump Show, all across America!! This is the new American dream! Eat your heart out, all you pee-wee yuppies! Get your own money and you can do prime-time too! Stand out!! Wheee!!!”

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump has some ideas about The Wall. (credit Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has some ideas about The Wall. (photo credit Seth Wenig / Associated Press)

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump has some ideas about The Wall. (credit Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has some ideas about The Wall.                                           (photo credit Seth Wenig / Associated Press)

Hee, hee! That’ll drive them! Some of them. I’ve even read he wants to go toe-to-toe with Hillary! Bill (no relation) all his matches as “The Great Man” vs. “The Last Great Woman (standing).”

Supposedly he’s working on an exclusive TV contract; so far the only thing anyone has been able to find out about where the money will go is a small line buried at bottom that reads, “To: The Don’s favorite charity.”

Come on, ya’ll! This guy ain’t nuts! Could he really, really love his country?! Huh?!

Well, yes!!! Especially when there’s money to be made! Isn’t that, ultimately, the real American Dream? Morality restraints included. of course.

So what’s a top-heavy, billionaire like him see as our Number One problem then!? (Hee, hee, for him to solve it, remember, it has to involve exclusion and it’s got to be something simple in scope.)


You got it! The secrets out of the tin lamp! Donald Trump is a used car salesman who’s struck it rich on the GOP presidential lottery. And he’s milking big-time.

He’s filed for more bankruptcies than Yáhoo Soup has redefined “Chicken” on its labels, yet he’s walking away with the GOP nomination so far!

Know why? He’s got buzz, yes, a billion dollars will buy publicity! But there’s more. Takes two to tango! It’s reaction to it! From you and me and millions others.

It’s turning out all these millions of laid-back people like us truly love the U.S., too, but unlike him have hesitated over the years getting involved in politics.

What’s America’s REAL biggest problem then?! Voter apathy!!

Go ahead, scratch your head. We’ve got idiots in Washington now elected by only 10-15 % of total eligible voters!

And they think that margin is an anointment from God to go out and tear down poor folk’s houses and replace ’em with ritzy, magisterial images of the divine!

Not just to keep their kids focused on the road ahead in Life, mind ‘ya, but also so they won’t have to look at all that “yuck that’s back there” when they’re passing! (Trust me! I learned this while covering an Alvarado City Council meeting one night!)

People have heard so much of this malarkey they’re sick of it! And now here you have The Don — literally piling it on more! Timing couldn’t have been better!

“You think you’ve seen some stuff so far?! Let me get in office and I’ll really show you some stuff!!! Heh, heh, heh!!!”

It’s unnerving the public. And for the first time since the first blue moon was spotted above Ol’ Bo’s Bait Shop at Lake Sweetwater, people are coming out of their holes into the public square and saying, Uh, is there something I can do?!

Folks, we’ve solved our apathy problem! The Don did it for us! Spending a billion dollars on a fix!

“Waddaya mean, money can’t buy everything?!!” he’s triumphantly asking.

Yesterday I read a blog post from a highly respectable university professor in California who writes and teaches business ethics. When I was in newspapers, we called these people experts. The best of sources! They don’t get out much, but these were the go-to people!

And The Don has shaken even this guy up some. Like millions of others now, he’s finally doing some thinking. On immigration, it is. If I was a reporter again, I couldn’t be writing my notes fast enough!

“The issue is complex, but the fact that we can’t solve it speaks volumes about how far we have fallen as a ‘can do’ nation to a ‘don’t want to be bothered’ nation,” Steven Mintz posted on his Ethics Sage blog. “We should start with a sensible guest worker program to give immigrants a chance to temporarily reside and work in our country…

“Next, we need to deal with petitions for temporary U.S. skilled workers, or H-1B, visas…Here, I think a better approach is to give green cards to those who qualify. The green card serves as proof that its holder, a lawful permanent resident, has been officially granted immigration benefits, which include permission to reside and take employment in the U.S. It is an immigration process that leads to permanent residency. I see it all the time in my college teaching. Students come from India, China, and other countries to study here; get advanced skills here; and want to stay here. We need to facilitate the process.”

And all of our other problems then? What if we can’t solve all of them by the time Election Day rolls around next year? Are there other candidates out there? Any of ’em got ideas?!

Don’t know?

Hee, hee! Better keep The Don talking! So that…

Is that some more election candidates over there?! Poor them a drink, Jethro!

Got your shoe-shine rag laying out? Git it! There’s one man and a lady who’ve been on their feet so much looks like those shoes could use a little elbow-grease…

Where you going?! Huh?!….

No no no!! You need to turn to, Jethro!! Get involved! Hear me!? This Don‘s given us a wonderful opportunity here to fix things!! And he’s paying the front money! Hoping to cash in later on some of it, yes! This is America, ‘ya know!! So get with it, hear me?!?! Head ‘im off!!!

Turn-n-n to!!!

Ooh, ooh! All this L-O-V-E!!!


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