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By Dan Bodine


Sharing a take-from-the-poor, Stockholm Syndrome quote here from a good blog on inequality — an excellent summation by an economist on how middle-class supporters of Donald Trump aren’t catching on to the radical capitalism game these wealthy corporate oligarchies are pulling on America.

Actually another version of the catch-me-if-you-can game, more sophisticated. Or, in this American capitalist version:

A wink, nod and pat-on-the-back/ Is how you play it in ‘ol rat sack!

Reminds me of my early college years working full-time at a reputable firm once; and an old man (who’d “been there forever,” Mr. Oliver) was fired one night because some young foreman claimed he found him asleep.

Naturally the foreman obtained higher graces for saving the company “all that retirement money.”

Yes, Virginia, conservative’s radical capitalism tag is a dog-eat-dog world! With few exceptions over time immemorial (when it was more closely watched, mostly), it’s ended up serving the same morsels to us same common folks — e.g., “screwed and tattooed!”

This latest corporatist round, I’m convinced, all started circa ’89. The New Right conned millions of evangelicals to the ’80 polls arguing the government giving churches tax breaks for divinely inspired ways of serving the Lord would give all them a leg up.

None other than the finest Christian president the country probably has ever had, instead, walked the plank because of it. And now Trump is sealing the deal!

It was more or less the same, backscratching promise, too, of ethereal imperialist of an earlier conservative period — e.g., We’ll put chickens into every [family’s kitchen] pot and a new car in every garage. (A little tip of the hat to the late great kingfisher, Huey Long maybe, in his sardonic wit.)

But, anyway, the game continues and the good University of Missouri professor above nails it.

“…If only we could cut taxes on rich people like Donald Trump wants to do…”

Hee, hee!

Hell’s Gate would belly-up and we’d ALL go to the land of milk and honey!


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