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Earth Day, 2012: Planet Earth by Joanna Boyer



How was your Earth Day celebration? Plant a tree? Flowers? Shrubs? Flowers? Vow to recycle more and pollute less? Conserve, conserve, conserve our precious natural resources, or something environmentally worthy? No? None of the above? You’re fibbing, right? Certainly hope so.

Remember the first Earth Day celebration by the government’s environmental protection agency back in the early 70s. We were warriors then, weren’t we? Gonna clean this mess up and save our heritage!

What happened? Why is the Doomsday Clock ticking on us over the dangers of climate change? Couldn’t forsake our addiction to Big Oil? Or develop the political will to come up with economical alternatives? Why?

We put a man on  the moon but couldn’t change our consumer spending habits! Not when it meant we had to spend way more on the alternatives. The dreadful, painful choice of the pocketbook. Sapped our political courage, it did.

Thus embarrassingly we hobbled a little meek,

Bodine family’s backyard birdfeeder  on El Paso’s east side is popular. (CSM photo)

more humbled and much more in awe of what we have left now into today’s Earth Day celebration — a lot more cognizant at least of our inter – connected dependance on Nature now, I dare say, then we were when we innocently set off to battle about 40 years ago so cocky we could “turn this thing around.”

And most of all, I might add, aware that humans aren’t the only creations of God on this spaceship planet we call Earth with inherent rights to exist in a balanced order.

In keeping with the spirit, below we’re reposting a story from OpEdNews concerning ‘catching up with Jesus’ in our daily living, an Earth Day message, catching up with the religious calls for preservation, conservation, and environmental stewardship God has commanded for us.

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Earth Day 2012: A Message From The Cosmos

By Joanne Boyer

(An important reminder on Earth Day, or any day — that we are all connected to all other living things.)


I think most of us who remember the first Earth Day in 1970 would agree that hope and excitement for the future was our Number One takeaway from the day. So many of us thought we’d finally gotten the attention of multitudes of people and relayed the important message of the interconnectedness of all living things. What could be more important than keeping a living, breathing planet alive and well for what we though was forever. To quote Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson:

“The fate of the living planet is the most important issue facing mankind.”

Sadly, as we check in 42 years later, I think a lot of us would say that as we struggle to keep hope as our primary focus, today’s state of affairs as they pertain to our planet are far from where we thought we’d be back in 1970.

I could link to many articles — they abound on any news aggregator site: BP oil spills, Keystone Pipeline, nuclear disasters, fracking”and on and on. However, as the proprietor of the web site “Wisdom Voices,” I’m opting to share with you a wisdom voice I stumbled upon about a year ago.

Diarmuid O’Murchu is a social psychologist and a member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order who has spent most of his working life in social ministry, predominantly in London.   His book Catching Up with Jesus:   A Gospel Story for Our Time presents a unique and entertaining way of looking at the interconnectedness of all living things. It’s a fascinating read. In it, he presents a Jesus of Nazareth who carries on a conversation directed at us in the 21 st century. O’Murchu ends the book with wisdom and a future vision as articulated by this Jesus.

“Everything lives on in a creative universe like ours. And energy carries information, the cumulative wisdom of the ages. My friends as you emerge from the oppressive power that has entrapped you, you will discover once more what intuitively you knew so well for thousands of years. This is a wise universe; ours is a wise earth. So, why are you humans behaving in this strangely stubborn and unenlightened way. Look around you and contemplate the wonder of all that exists in creation. Everything works in cooperative fashion as it is designed to do; and within that cooperative endeavor is a great deal of freedom and choice.

“If you choose to destroy yourselves, I am not going to play the rescuing parent. You have got to grow up and become adults. There is no space for childish power games in my relational matrix. Get into your hearts and see with the eyes of deeper vision.That is what will give you hope and meaning. And thereby you’ll access the wisdom that will enable you to live differently. Keep your attention on learning to relate rightly: with the cosmos, with the earth, with all creatures inhabiting creation, and all will be well.

“It just annoys me that it is taking you so long to grow up and become cosmic, planetary adults. Meanwhile, I and my relational matrix will forgive you for being such pests — not to me, but to the earth and to your own kind! So come on folks, time is running short and Mother Earth is getting weary of all this adolescent belligerence.   The hour is fast approaching when you will have to choose between life and extinction. The choice is yours.”

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Joanne Boyer is founder and editor of Wisdom Voices Press and Her first book is “Wisdom of Progressive Voices.” Joanne has worked in professional communications for more than 30 years. Her career includes being the first woman sports writer for several daily newspapers in the 1970s. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, she resides in Minneapolis with her husband, also an author.


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