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Fighting Trump and Social Minimalism ideology

Jan 27, 2017 No Comments ›› Dan Bodine

  By Dan Bodine   Asking us to get over Nov. 8’s election that has crowned radical-capitalist Donald Trump and his Trump-towers wealth as symbolic king/president of our country is asking us to do more than just shrug off what Catholics describe as a venial sin. It’s asking us to bow to Republican’s far-right politics …

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Ok, so Trump may be fueling Immigration reform

Sep 4, 2015 No Comments ›› Dan Bodine

Southern U.S. border in AZ/Trump calls this shoddy: ‘It’s done poorly by the way, what they have done is very poor, very poor work, a very poor job, and very — not much of a wall,’ he said. And… “We’ll call the new one ‘The Great Wall of Trump!’” (from   By Dan Bodine …

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