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Doomed malls and “dollar-a-shirt” days

Jun 12, 2017 No Comments ›› Dan Bodine

    By Dan Bodine     Hee, hee! My wife, Noemi, belongs to an informal “Church Ladies Shopping Circle” at our Catholic church in El Paso. They’ve got grapevines Columbian drug lords would envy! Talk about reversely predicting doom though! Libertarian extremists have drawn a Joker! A few shopping malls here and there may only be …

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Extremists as dying meteors of conservative reform era

Nov 18, 2015 1 Comment ›› Dan Bodine

Republicans’ social minimalists, the far-right libertarians, in wanting to take over the party as extremists, are in effect signaling the decades-old, GOP conservative reform era — now like falling meteors burning up in the atmosphere — is all but dead and a thing of the past.

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Libertarian extremists and evolution’s “newest darlings”

Jan 24, 2015 No Comments ›› Dan Bodine

By Dan Bodine   Unchecked libertarian extremists gave us libertarian yáhoos? Pédro (not his real name of course), one of my “regular” yáhoos in the Presidio court days, first told me this. That pseudo-vagabonds and freeloaders who’ve been falling back into their old communities – to “live off them,” siphoning federal or state money with …

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Catholic marriages and fury the Synod loosened

Nov 5, 2014 No Comments ›› Dan Bodine

One year earlier  awaiting the Catholic marriage:  Dan and Noemi Bodine, along with Noemi’s brother, Javier Molinar of Phoenix, Az., are seen (right) March 5, 1995, at the end of the couple’s “civil” wedding in Presidio. Noemi “grew up” Catholic, but with Dan she couldn’t take communion. Even with conversion and this civil re-marriage, he …

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Social minimalists letting emotion overrule logic in gun debate

Jan 23, 2013 1 Comment ›› Dan Bodine

By Dan Bodine   Everybody wants to put in their two cents on the current gun rights furor. Here’s a half-cent of mine on social minimalists. Elongated, of course. Instead of a right to keep and use arms, look at it as a privilege instead. Just like driving. (Yep, used this line for years in …

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